Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can support you address a variety of issues:

  • Stress management
  • Family issues, parenting and boundary setting
  • Life transitions
  • Self-care, burnout & compassion fatigue
  • Career and work-life balance
  • Overall wellness

Mental Health

If mental health struggles are impacting you  and interfering in your day-to-day life, I can help. With nearly twenty years of experience in adult mental health systems, I have the ability to assist you  recover and reach optimal mental wellness.

Grief, Bereavement, and Loss

Everyone experiences loss in their life, and how we adapt to significant life events can vary dramatically from one person to another.

Grief not only occurs with the death of a loved one. Loss can take many forms that are just as difficult to process. 

Counselling allows you to work alongside someone who understands the trauma of loss, and who will support you through the pain of grief.

Victims of Crime

If you have been a witness to a crime or directly impacted or victimized as a result of a crime; the after-effects can impede your day-to-day living and lead to ongoing and debilitating distress. Counselling can support you to improve emotional regulation and help shift your narrative from a victim to survivor.

Supervision, Consultation and Social Work student placements

I offer a structured process to supervision for Social Workers in independent practice. My relational approach is geared towards assisting you identify what is working well with your clients while offering support to develop comprehensive case plans. This will allow you to support your clients to the fullest. Effective consultation and supervision can help you to focus on your own wellness and health so you can achieve balance in your work. Rates are based on a sliding scale and are dependent on level of experience and role within Social Work practice. If you are a student looking for a clinical counselling placement, please contact Jason directly to discuss further.