Sea to Summit Counselling

In-person counselling available in Winnipeg

Online counselling available to residents of Manitoba and Ontario

Like the tides of the ocean, life brings continuous challenges that at times can feel overwhelming and at worst, unbearable. Are you exhausted trying to manage on your own? Do you need a space to focus on what brings you the most peace and joy in your life? Have you ever wanted to look at your thoughts and their connection to how you view yourself? Would managing stress allow you to connect with the things that bring you the most balance?

Individual counselling can offer you opportunities to learn and utilize new methods of coping to help you deal with the challenges brought on during your day-to-day life. Focus on mental wellness and begin to recover from the barriers that have kept you from reaching your full potential. Learn new skills through a connection with a genuine and supportive therapist. Start your ascent and work alongside with a compassionate counsellor to assist you reach the summit of your life.

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