Do you feel there are more valleys than peaks in your day-to-day life? Are you exhausted from trying to maintain your own mental wellness? Have you forgotten how to enjoy the little things that provide you meaning? Is the weight of grief and loss stopping you from moving forward? If this sounds like you, you have taken the first step and have come to the right place.

Now imagine a space where you are able to overcome and reach the apex of your experience; a space where you have the energy and ability to take care of yourself. A place that allows you to enjoy the positive moments that encapsulate day-to-day living. A place where you are not alone as you climb to the summit of your life. Counselling is a non-linear co-operative experience that ebbs and flows throughout the entirety of the process (honest appraisal!). That being said, my clients often report back the following during our work:

  • A greater overall balance in their lives
  • A new sense of improved relationships with family, friends and loved ones.
  • A life that is more aligned with one’s values and desires
  • A feeling of validation and understanding during the counselling experience.
  • A supportive experience of navigating loss and grief.
  • A clarity that identifies and addresses those life events that seem unbearable.

Hi! My name is Jason Mackenzie and I am a registered Social Worker and counsellor. I provide sincere and compassionate counselling alongside clients seeking growth, clarity, and healing. I have experienced many valleys in my own life, and this is reflected in my ability to work from a place that is grounded in empathy and understanding. In my twenty years of practice, my clients have described me as down to earth, non-judgemental, and easy to connect with.

I have a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Dalhousie and am registered with the Manitoba College of Social Workers and with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. My practice is relational and grounded in narrative therapy and several other modalities.

Does it sound like we are a counselling fit?

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • I offer in-person sessions in Winnipeg (664 Leila Avenue) as well as online counselling to clients across Manitoba and Ontario.
  • I offer individual counselling to teens and adults in Manitoba and Ontario. At this time I do not provide couples and family counselling.
  • I am a registered provider with Non-Insured Health Benefits with First Nations Inuit Health Branch in Manitoba. I provide mental health counselling and work with those impacted by Indian Residential Schools and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.